Etobicoke and the City of Toronto needs:

  • more reliable and accessible transit
  • to support car sharing initiatives
  • support the 2-hour TTC transfer and further partnerships with other municipalities for combination fares and passes
  • Address the issues with Presto that we can from a municipal level e.g. improved access to Low income programs and children
  • to fight against the further privatization of our utilities and public revenue resources


  • redefine 'Affordable Housing' and implement aggressive requirement targets for developers
  • assist communities with urban garden initiatives, green roofs, rainwater collection systems, etc.
  • to work with Toronto hydro, Enbridge, and developers to replace Ford-cancelled environmental refurbishment initiatives
  • improve our rain and waste water systems to prevent damage and inconvenience from flooding


  • maintain current property tax levels and apply a vacancy tax, foreign/out of province buyers tax, and research a non-primary residence speculation tax while,
  • supporting the implementation of the new AirBnb tax and regulation. 
  • discuss tiny home initiatives like in law cottages and lane-way garages, etc.
  • support the further implementation of rent control and continue to strengthen protections for renters 


  • maintain the $15/hour increase within Toronto with further increases to a living wage within the next 5 years and tie to inflation with cost of living revisited every 2 years
  • Research workplace provided daycare over a certain number of employees / city sponsored 24-hour affordable daycare
  • a zero food waste initiative from grocery stores redirected to shelters, food banks, and community organizations.


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