Developers in our area need to start being asked the tough questions:

  • Do they support an amendment to policy regarding money for schools being allocated to the need for repairs as opposed to having it reserved exclusively for land purchase?
  • Will they fund intersection and road redesign required due to an increase in population density and safety concerns?
  • Will they contribute to public transit improvements? ie Eglinton LRT sites in the West, DRL downtown, etc.
  • How have they considered the availability of Community Resources? ie what retail and public gathering places currently exist and will be required to provide adequate services at a similar cost eg the demolition of the plaza @ Rathburn / The East Mall
  • What do they consider "Affordable Housing"? This must be redefined as below market rate based on current real estate prices in the city. Ontario should be encouraged to demand greater than the 5% suggested by Wynne as in New York it is 20%.
  • Have they considered and/or explored community provided daycare inclusion? 
  • Do they support limiting large-scale development to already existing rapid transit corridors or do they plan on investing in the transit development required?
  • Do they agree that green space and established trees should be protected and incorporated? 


Due to Toronto's increasing lack of housing, Etobicoke and the City of Toronto needs to:

  • Maintain current property tax levels as not to hurt current residents
  • Implement a vacancy tax, foreign / out of province buyers tax, and possibly a non-primary residence speculation tax
  • Move forward with city council's new home sharing bylaws
  • Support rent control measures
  • Increase renters protections by closing loopholes outside of the RTA
  • Further discussions around tiny homes, lane-way garage homes, in-law cottages, and co-op living.