Etobicoke has the worst air quality in the city; We need to see the City of Toronto:

  • Invest in transit, cycling infrastructure, and building for the future with sustainable materials and planning.
  • Reduce minimum SqFt' requirement for all future development encouraging Green Roof and Solar inclusion
  • Work with community environmental groups to assist people convert their lawns to local plant gardens and/or vegetable growth to assist with less water consumption, prevent flooding, and provide independent food sustainability
  • Ban black plastic (ie take-out containers and plant holders) or tax suppliers and invest in better recycling facilities and waste management systems. Fines for not recycling and/or importing single use plastics as opposed to fining residents for recycling incorrectly. Move forward with a single-use plastic bag ban, and insist retailers transition to biodegradable or recyclable single use drink containers ie Tim Horton's/Starbucks/McDonald's must be converted to recyclable or biodegradable alternatives.
  • Encourage tiny home development, lane-way garage homes, and in-law cottages for both home and property owners as well as anti-poverty and affordable housing initiatives.