Can you tell me a bit about your background?


After leaving a Communication, Culture, Information & Technology (CCIT) joint degree program at UofT and Sheridan, I spent my youth as a successful large-scale event planner. I was happy to work with a number of city departments and offcials during this time, as well as to receive international acclaim, a number of local awards, and inclusion in LGBT activist and EYE Weekly jounalist, Denise Benson’s book on the topic of the nightlife history of Toronto.


During this time, I worked for many years with ‘Cannabis As Living Medicine’ supporting those suffering from the effects of cancer, HIV, epilepsy, MS, cerebral palsy, and other ailments across Southern Ontario. Our public advocacy and service advanced medical access to cannabis through our courts, became the largest protest of its kind in the world, and no-doubt influenced the moves we are seeing towards access to medicine in Canada today.


Currently, as a full-time shift worker at Toronto Pearson Airport, I am proud to represent Casual Frontline Workers through internal peer commitees regarding scheduling, operational expectations, vacation policy, and more. While difficult work, this position has allowed me to travel the world experiencing as many cultures as I can and see how important it was to develop and implement the current zero waste initiative now in place at YYZ, diverting items from landfill to local charities.


After losing both my parents over the last few years, my priority now rests with helping younger generations be able to afford the future they hope for and deserve as I struggle to maintain my parents’ home in Etobicoke Centre, as well as to advocate for better long-term and seniors care as I spend the majority of my free time with my grandparents and the other residents at our local Westbury Long Term Care Residence.


Most recently, I was elected by the NDP Etobicoke Centre Riding Association and membership to represent Etobicoke Centre as a community candidate in the 2018 provincial election. While previously a life-long Liberal voter, my experiences, concerns, and respect for the NDP platform garnered their mutual support. While advocating for better healthcare, childcare, and worker’s rights - we managed to gain over 10,000 votes, the largest number for the New Democratic Party to date.


My hope is that you will find as the NDP did; that my everyday experience with our healthcare and long-term care systems, education, worker’s rights, mental heath and addiction issues, and poverty will provide a fair perspective on the issues affecting our families and city, and the compassion for the genuine advocacy of Etobicoke Centre’s residents.


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If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me via www.ericakelly.ca/contact or info@ericakelly.ca

Why don’t I see more of your signs around?


Most campaign signs are not recyclable. As better waste management would be one of my top priorities on City Council, I felt it would be hypocritical to create such an amount of waste headed straight to landfill. As an alternative, our team decided it would be best to reuse the signs from the provincial campaign by handpainting 100 for public display. 


Unfortunately, approximately 1/4-1/3 are now MIA.