From Erica

Fellow residents of Etobicoke Centre,

There's a lot going on in our daily lives, and sometimes it's hard to pause and take stock of the things that really matter most at our core.

Etobicoke has always been my home, it's where we should be able to recharge and find peace. We are lucky to live in such a wonderful pocket of the GTA. We have wonderful neighbours, good schools, and plenty of parks, libraries, and other recreational spaces.

However, some of our elected representatives have taken this for granted for too long and are beginning to allow Etobicoke and our amazing city to fall behind. In Etobicoke Centre, our leaders have neglected to secure the transit that we need; they have allowed creeping privatization to start to break up our essential public services making life more expensive; and they have failed to address problems of pollution, unrestricted urban development, affordable housing and childcare.

And now, an authoritarian bully has taken the premiership of our province with less than 40% of the vote, and has used his position to irresponsibly pull our province out of contractual arrangements, reverse a sensible and modern physical education curriculum, and restrict our democratic rights by disrupting this municipal election.

Etobicoke deserves someone who will stand up against the right-wing slash and burn government at Queen's Park that is threatening to pull Ontario and Toronto back decades. The well-off children of our past leaders are not equipped for this challenge. Our current representatives have demonstrated an eagerness to implement Ford's vindictive and regressive agenda for Toronto.

As the only progressive council candidate running in Etobicoke Centre, please join me in an effort to show our city that Etobicoke and its residents are MORE than the unfair designation of 'Ford Nation.'

I am ready and capable to stand up to the extremists that want to line the pockets of their friends, while cruelly shutting out the everyday people of this city. I was born and raised in central Etobicoke, not far from West Deane Park, and though I have spent time living in different parts of our city, our country, and the world, I am home again. I am home because like many of us, I want to raise a family where I grew up, because it was a great place to grow up.

But things have changed, life is more expensive than it ever was with rising costs, unaffordable housing, and increasing inequality. Raising a family in Etobicoke is more of a challenge than it has ever been. We appreciate the past, take care in the present, but we need VISION to bring our communities into a healthier, more affordable future.

As a community candidate and your city councillor, I will fight for everyday people; for the single mother, for the student looking to embark upon a hopeful future, new families, and the seniors trying to make ends meet.

I will help to bring the change that this city and the residents of Etobicoke Centre so desperately need.

We can do it. Together.