May 10, 2018
Contact: Etobicoke Centre NDP 🏳️‍🌈🇨🇦🌹

Erica Kelly: Change for the Better in Etobicoke Centre

Etobicoke Centre New Democratic Party Riding Association, Etobicoke Civic Centre,

May 10 2018


Etobicoke Centre Resident,

Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction to our local NDP candidate for the upcoming Legislative Assembly of Ontario election on June 7, 2018. After a long and arduous candidate search, we believe that we have found the ideal candidate to deliver the change that you can count on – and she’s one of your neighbours, with deep roots in Etobicoke Centre.

Erica Kelly is a local citizen, born and raised in the riding. She attended both elementary and high school in Etobicoke and was raised by local schoolteachers within the community.

Health Care Is A Priority
In recent years, Erica experienced the loss of both parents, situations compounded by unfortunate failures in our current health care system. She maintains her childhood home and advocates relentlessly for drastic improvements to the province’s health care, senior care and long-term care. To remain active within these sectors, Erica spends the majority of her free time with her grandparents and other residents at the local Westbury long-term care facility.

Erica’s earliest efforts towards helping those in need include working on the forefront of medicinal cannabis accessibility. She serviced the Southern Ontario community through her work with Cannabis As Living Medicine’s Toronto clinic, and was the Coordinator of Community Involvement for the Global Marijuana March, as well as its parent event, the Toronto Freedom Festival from 2oo6 through 2o1o. The city’s incredibly successful annual public protest has grown to be the largest of its kind anywhere in the world.

Erica believes in science-based not just profit-based advancements in access to medicine and logic-based complimentary legislation, as well as increased services, protection and community support for seniors and those in need. Improved working conditions for our most valuable caregivers providing these services are also desperately required; Erica will continue to fight for these.

A Global Citizen
Etobicoke will always be home to Erica, but years of connection to the diverse communities within her riding – and especially at Dixon Grove, Smithfield and James S Bell Public Schools, at which her mother was a teacher – ignited a desire to truly experience the rest of the world first-hand and up close. She travelled extensively from 2011 to 2014, gaining valuable insight into the worlds outside her own.

In Africa, she studied the effects of plastics pollution and development on our coasts. She reviewed contemporary art and public space beautification movements around the world. In 2016, Erica provided support and distributed much-needed supplies to Afghan and Syrian refugees in Greece.

Her travels have opened her eyes to possibilities in the areas of transit, community childcare and housing, as well as provided a greater understanding of the world’s religions and economic realities. Erica believes in multiculturalism and diversity and embraces that we are all Canadians.

Toronto Life
Throughout the past 15 years, Erica has been a major contributor and steadfast supporter of Toronto’s music and culture scene. She has worked with local and international artists, event organizers, small businesses, law enforcement and emergency medical services within their local communities. She is well known for her encouragement of Toronto’s vibrant nightlife, as well as the exploration and appreciation of our city and province’s green spaces. Erica has earned her reputation as a provider of inclusive and safe atmospheres for the arts community.

Erica believes in strong environmental protections that safeguard our community and simultaneously improve labour conditions for both current workers and future generations in an ever-changing global economy. To support this belief, Erica represents casual front-line labourers at Toronto Pearson Airport through her profit-share employer’s internal peer committees. She also coordinates a zero-waste initiative; redirecting donate-worthy items from landfill to those in need in our community and around the globe.

Change for the better

“Fear will never influence my decisions. A third-party vote should never be dismissed and no one should ever vote for someone or something they don’t believe in. We should all be able to live with dignity and hope. We must move forward, together.”

Self-identified as an independent voter in the past, Erica has decided to join the NDP to create “Change for the Better” and help implement Andrea Horwath’s strong platform that truly assists those in need of a new direction - Now. It addresses the real concerns of the middle class: people like Erica, who often experience struggles in their quest to raise a healthy family and feel secure in their future.

Erica wants…
• Our utilities back in public hands and priced fairly.
• Improved health care, senior’s care, and long-term care.
• Accessible, quality education.
• A return to the goal of societal prosperity for everyone.
• To maintain the scheduled minimum wage increase.
• Additional labour legislation and protections for workers and their pensions.
• The continuation of current green initiatives and an increase in access to the average homeowner and business to low-cost or no-cost programs and improvements.
• To address Ontario’s plastics, sorting and waste problem.
• To remedy the inefficiencies in our transit system.

“My main focus is to truly implement Change for the Better for our communities and families. I do not have personal ambitions for title or professional recognition, and will not protect corporate interests for personal gain. I want our parents taken care of and the bright future they worked hard to provide for us. I love Ontario. I believe in us. And I want change we can count on.”


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