and #BuildtheVisionTO survey from the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation 

CycleTO’s #BuildTheGrid municipal election campaign aims to put in place the conditions for a safe cycling network to be built by 2022.

Erica Kelly and her campaign were happy to respond YES to these three questions:

1.Will you be a champion for building safe connected bike routes in my neighbourhood?
2.Will you support building protected bike lanes on main streets? (Bloor, Danforth, Yonge, etc.)
3.Do you support accelerating the City’s 10-Year Cycling Network Plan to be completed in the next four years, instead of by 2026?

The campaign intends to mobilize Torontonians like you to ask candidates for office about their commitment to supporting the build-out of the cycling plan, including on main streets like Yonge, Danforth and Bloor, and to adequately funding the plan so it gets built by 2022 (four years ahead of schedule). We desperately need bold action to get to safer streets for all - and a healthier, more active city.

We are also proud to be working with partner organizations in active transportation and beyond to promote #BuildTheVisionTO, a broader vision that prioritizes safe and active streets for all ages and abilities.

View more information about some of the initiatives we have committed to HERE


RaBIT: Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto

“As a candidate in the 2018 Toronto election, I pledge that, if elected, I will support, advance, and vote in favour of those actions required for ranked ballots to be used in the 2022 Toronto elections.”

Erica Kelly, City Council candidate, Etobicoke Centre

Candidate Pledge Details


Prosperity Platform

Erica Kelly is proud to be among more than 50 candidates for Council, the only in Etobicoke Centre, who have signed a “prosperity pledge,” committing to fully fund and implement TO Prosperity, the City’s poverty reduction strategy unanimously adopted in 2015. If elected, they will work with community, business, and faith leaders to reduce poverty and inequality in Toronto.

The Prosperity Platform campaign demands that the new City Council fund and implement already approved poverty reduction commitments, including:

  • 7,200 new supportive housing units, at least 8,000 new deeply affordable rental units, and 1,000 new shelter spaces,
  • a 30% reduction in TTC fares for an additional 157,000 lower-income adults,
  • 11,500 new childcare spaces, including 5,000 subsidized spaces, and
  • 40,000 new recreation program spaces.


Prosperity Platform Candidates List


Erica Kelly is enthusiastic to confirm her commitment to the TO Housing Pledge 2018

Housing is a fundamental human right, and Erica therefore supports the following goals:

1. No more homeless deaths
2. Financial stability for Toronto Community Housing
3. Make "affordable housing" truly affordable
4. Ensure new residential development includes everyone
5. Mobilize Toronto's resources to build more affordable housing

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In 2018 ArtsVote is advocating for Toronto City Council to increase its investment in the arts and culture sector to $50 per capita by 2022 (end of the next Council term) and address the disparity in municipal cultural support compared to other major Canadian cities. Increased municipal investment in arts and culture will help the City ensure that every Torontonian has access to arts and culture in their community and enjoys the benefits that flow from being included in the cultural life of the city.

The ArtsVote Report Card which will be released on the ArtsVote website in October 2018 so that interested voters can make their own assessments. 


Friends of the Rouge Watershed commitment to support a council motion to thank the Federal Government for strengthening the Rouge National Urban Park Act to prioritize ecological integrity. To protect the City of Toronto and its residents from the costly impacts of pollution, climatic extremes, urban sprawl and flooding, we will respectfully ask the Federal Government to create a Rouge National Urban Park Management Plan which prioritizes ecological integrity and enhances watershed and community health.

View more information about the initiative HERE


Erica Kelly is also happy to lend her support to the Parks People Parks Platform 2018. Read more HERE



“We are parents, students, grandparents, teachers, principals, caretakers and voters who believe that every publicly funded school in Ontario ought to be a safe, healthy, well-maintained building that provides an environment conducive to learning and working. We believe schools must be funded as a key component of our society’s infrastructure and that the $15.9-billion of disrepair in Ontario’s schools must be addressed immediately.” “We aim to continue to build our network and, in doing so, capture the interest of more politicians and lobby those in power to work together to ensure that all Ontario students attend school in buildings that are safe, health and well-maintained.” @Fix_Our_Schools

While the movement has experienced a setback with the results of the most recent Provincial election, Municipal campaigns in October 2018 can still encourage the need for change!

Erica Kelly stands by her 2018 Provincial Campaign Pledge to Fix_Our_Schools




In Ontario, Diabetes Canada is advocating for:

  • A renewed Ontario Diabetes Strategy:  Ontario needs aggressive, measurable targets to address diabetes prevention, screening and awareness, glucose control and secondary prevention of complications.
  • Improved access to medications, devices and supplies: Solutions include reducing deductibles associated with publicly funded drug programs and improving coverage for supplies such as syringes and pen needles.
  • Public funding of Continuous Glucose Monitoring systems: These devices have the potential to prevent life-threatening emergencies, but they are expensive, putting them out of reach for many people who need them the most.


"As your local candidate, I’m joining @diabetescanada. I pledge action to support Ontarians with diabetes. #VoteDiabetesON "

For more information visit:

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