Road Safety and Traffic Congestion

Encouraging better transit and cycling infrastructure in Etobicoke will also relieve traffic congestion pressure on local drivers and commuters. If elected to city council for Etobicoke Centre, I will:

  • ensure the Eglinton West LRT services all communities,
  • encourage the continued development of better connections between North and South,
  • review the possibility of the hydro corridor to be used as a green-space bike path connecting Kipling Station to the airport,
  • and champion better combination fares and passes with our adjacent daily-commute transit systems.


Etobicoke road infrastructure traffic congestion can also be eased by:

  • minimizing lane closure during construction off-hours,
  • quicker collision investigation and clean up,
  • and the further implementation of Smart Traffic Lights and other technology.
  • When in the downtown core, fully separated bike lanes save lives and keep traffic moving.
  • Consistent design methods for both lanes and intersections must be implemented across the city for easier recognition, leading to better use of the rules of the road by both drivers and cyclists.
  • All new construction and refurbishment projects should include the most advanced implementation of proper cycling infrastructure to ensure a forward moving city, lives are saved, and to prevent the waste of city money on redundant or outdated approaches.