Municipal Election 2018 - Erica Kelly Campaign

Etobicoke is more than 'Ford Nation'

The 'us vs them' climate created by amalgamation, inhand with Etobicoke Centre's current city council representatives, are not only stifling our progress towards healthy and happy communities but also directly hurting those in our city that need a helping hand the most.


*Easier access to reliable transit

*Everyday affordability & Housing

*Green Initiatives & Sustainable development

*Public Safety through comprehensive anti-poverty initiative


@EricaKellyEtob has campaigned for expanding healthcare, improving transit, and affordable childcare and education. She is also a lifelong environmentalist and advocate against poverty - join her against a decades-old right wing dynasty in Etobicoke Centre. #TOpoli #WomenInPolitics

“We are all in this together. We need to be working together today; for a brighter tomorrow.”