Toronto Public Library: Know Your Vote

If elected, what would be your top priority as a City Councillor? Why?

Affordability and livability are in decline. Too many are being priced out of our homes and neighbourhoods due to ever increasing cost of living and housing. Access to efficient transit, community services, and affordable everyday items are currently lacking. We need to support the communities we love now but also those we hope to have in the future. Childcare costs, quality of life for seniors, and our hopes for our children cannot be ignored. With vision and care we can work together today to make a better tomorrow.


What local issues in your Ward deserve more attention? Why?

Quality development that benefits the community with an emphasis on transit and sound, long term environmental sustainability. Community needs and livability have been ignored in Etobicoke and given way to the interests of developers and big corporations. With the proximity to the airport and three major highways, Etobicoke has some of the worst air quality in the GTA. This needs to be addressed for the sake of our children and grandchildren, but also our seniors whose health is put at risk by declining air quality.


What should the next City Council do about housing in Toronto? Why?

Affordable housing needs to be redefined as less than market as that is no longer affordable. A vacancy and/or foreign buyers tax as well as Airbnb regulations will help increase supply while also bringing more revenue to the city without taxing residents. More non-profit co-op housing, limited equity ownership, and exploring lane-way garage and in-law cottages should also be discussed. Any major developments should be limited to existing rapid transit corridors to prevent adding congestion in residential neighbourhoods


What should the next City Council do about transportation and how we get around Toronto? Why?

The Eglinton LRT cannot bypass entire communities in Etobicoke most likely to use transit. We need reliable and frequent buses connecting North-South and more fare integration with neighbouring transit systems. The early completion of the DRL and separated bike lanes in the core to address safety concerns and provide consistency for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. We need major cycling infrastructure between the future mobility hub at Kipling and YYZ perhaps using the hydro corridor improving Etobicoke green space.


Should the next City Council change anything about municipal taxes or city services? Why?

A stormwater management tax needs to be extended to paved lot ownership to help increase revenue (without across-the-board property tax increases that would hurt Etobicoke residents,) while also addressing growing flooding issues. Supplier taxes on non-recyclable single use plastics (eg: black plastic) should be collected and used to upgrade our waste management system. Residents should not be penalized for the unreasonably inadequate realities of our sorting facilities as we strive to succeed as a C40 climate leader.




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