• Overcrowding has become a safety issue. We must support safety barriers at the busiest stations and allow the Province to fund all new subway expansion including the 1-3 stop Scarborough subway station while focusing newly available resources to immediately begin on the Downtown Relief Line.
  • How easy will it be for residents of the East Mall, West Mall, Renforth, and Erindale communities to connect to the Eglinton West LRT now that they have removed stations West of Martingrove Road from the plan? While the option of tunnelling portions of the Eglinton West LRT has been returned for review, so must the inclusion of the proposed stations West of Martingrove Road.
  • Safety concerns and liveability for commuters must demand revisiting discussions around 24-hour transit
  • Support 2-hour TTC transfers and work to further partnerships with adjacent transit systems to allow for better combination fares and passes.
  • Consistent cycling infrastructure and safe intersections must be implemented for all future resurfacing, maintenance, and build in the downtown core, while the development of bike paths via the hydro corridor in Etobicoke connecting the future Kipling Hub to Toronto Pearson Airport must be explored.